Monday, June 28, 2010

etnies AM Getting Paid Winnipeg qualifiers result

The etnies AM Getting Paid Qualifier was in Winnipeg this past

Saturday (June 26th) at the Forks plaza. This is by far the largest skate

park in Canada; you got everything you could dream of to skate in one spot.

All the local skaters are very diverse in their abilities to skate

everything in front of them, which definitely really impressed me.

Another great aspect that's really cool about the Winnipeg skate scene is

how tight everyone is together! Everybody is down to skate and party

together and have a good time. I really enjoyed the vibe!

So Friday when I looked at the forecast things weren't looking to

good for us but we all stayed positive and prayed for the weather to hold

off. And it did! The rain came down literally 10 minutes after the contest

was done. We were blessed.

With the jam format this year we get to see a lot of tricks in a

very small amount of time. Some of my favorite tricks of the day were; BS

360 down the big 3 by Austin Thomas, Switch Varial heel down the big three

by Jamie Mospanchuk and watching Colin Lambert breaking 5 boards!!!!. At the

end of the day everybody was ripping but we can only have one winner and

that guys name is Jamie Mospanchuck! He had a super good intro run and

hammered out lots of super tech tricks in the jam portion of the run!

Check out the pictures for now, the video will be up shortly!

Big up to the Sk8 Skate crew, Genico and Mark, Dj footwear for the good

tunes all day, and mark for doing a super good job holding down the mic all

day MCing!

I had a blast in Winnipeg and made many new friends. Winnipeg is a must go.



1st Place Jamie Mospanchuck

2nd Place Colin Lambert

3rd Place Adam Lecker

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