Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Halifax etnies AM Getting paid qualifier result & photo

Well the Halifax people must have a good Karma. Because this past Saturday (July 10th 2010) was totally suppose to rain all day but mother earth and our positive thinking made the rain go away and the park got dry just on time for the comp. We had a lot of skaters coming out of town for the contest ready to skate bright and early. The locals came later when they realize that the event was happening. Everyone was so hype. Greg from Pro Skate was on the microphone hyping kids to enter the contest. We had 30 entries, which is really good considering that the weather was very shitty.

The first guy to drop in was Alexandre Mitchell, he did a perfect run, bs smith, feeble, nollie heel, bs tail etc…This was a great way to start the comp. Everyone in the first heat was very solid. I was stoked to finally watch Neil Blackwood skating; he’s a well rounded skater with a super sick style. The Maritimes also have their own Riley Rolland version, his name is James Leger. This kid is so powerful and he can skate tranny, rails and big gap, he did one the biggest kick flip ever over the bank to ledge. It was nice to have people from out of town like Dan Cameron and Zack Summer. The Maritimes as so raw talent and even the old man like Ben Nicoll and Chris L’Esperance were showing the kids what’s up. The vibe was so sick and everybody was cheering for all the tricks. The jam format is so awesome and it gives a great opportunity to all the skaters to push them self to the next level. You’ll see what I’m talking about when you’ll watch the video.

The video will be ready next week.

After the contest we all gather at the Argyle bar and got liquored, best way to end a great skateboarding day. Thanks to DJ T-woo for the good beats.

For now you can watch the pictures on facebook :


The lucky man who is coming to Montreal for the etnies AM Getting Paid is:

1st Alexandre Mitchell

2nd James Leger

3rd Neil Blackwood

Big up to Greg, Jon and Zack from Pro Skate. Thanks to all the friendly skateboarder from Halifax and other areas.

It was a delightful trip and I am looking forward to go back to Halifax. They have a few really good skate park and amazing sea food. You can even surd down there. Yep this place rules.

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