Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vancouver etnies Am Getting Paid qualifier Photos - Video -Results

This past weekend was the last qualifier for the etnies AM getting Paid and this time it was in Vancouver. It was the last chance to win a trip to the Montreal final September 24-26th. This past Friday was also the last day of Knowshow in Vancouver so instead of doing an After Party for the contest we did a pre party at Fortune with DJ Neil Armstrong on the last day of Knowshow (Friday). We want it to create hype for the comp which was the following day, and it work...but it was a rough morning for all the skaters on the following day. Rumors are that Matt Berger was puking is brain out at 4am. That obviously didn't stop him from winning the contest the next day. Skateboarders are a very special species when you think about it. We do everything what an athlete shouldn't be doing, we eat bad food, we drink booze, smoke weed or cigarette, we don't sleep, we barely stretch are body before skating and we jump down big rails, stairs or hubbas. Any how it is what it is and it seems to work just fine because we are definitely having way more fun than anybody else out there LOL. So back to the contest, the contest was at the Railside skate park in Poco, this park is incredible park offering all type of obstacles. The comp went really well, a lot of good skaters came through, either to skate or to watch, the skating was top notch. We had the Scion crew entertaining us and showing us their new cars; the sun was in full effect. Matt Berger killed it even if he was hung over, Cameo was a drama queen as always, Cyrus was yelling at people and Jamie Walker skate super well and he got third place. This was a great weekend.

1st Matt Berger

2nd Cameo Wilson

3rd Jamie Walker

Now the qualifier for the etnies AM getting Paid are now closed. If you still wanna come and skate the contest, the registration are now open to all (no restriction, all ages, sponsor or none sponsor, we don't care just come skate). The registration fee is 100$ cdn and you can do it online at:

Limited space 150 skater max.

Thanks for the support and big up to all our sponsors:

More info at

Etnies AM Getting Paid 2010 - Vancouver Qualifier from AM Getting Paid on Vimeo.

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