Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hype it up Party at The salon officiel was HOT !!!!

Montreal was hype on etnies AM getting Paid

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One down 4 more to go
etnies AM Getting Paid full schedule:

THURSDAY SEPT 23RD - 10pm - UW x SBC officiel Kick Off etnies AM Getting Paid party at Bluedog

FRIDAY SEPT 24TH - 2pm Qualifier at TAZ (Day 1) -
10pm Get Loose party at Bside

SATURDAY SEPT 25TH - 12pm Qualifier at TAZ (day 2) -
9pm Royce da 5”9 at Rialto Theatre

SUNDAY SEPT 26TH - 12 pm Finals at TAZ -
10pm - etnies Am Getting drunk at the Salon Officiel

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