Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rider List

We compiled a list of just some of the incredible riders that will be at this years 2009 Am Getting paid!
This is gonna be nutz!
Do not miss this contest!
Click on the links below to see video on each rider!

Ron Deily
Anthony Williams
Jon Dickson
Jimmy Carlin
Walker Ryan
Anthony Shetler
Andrew Langi
Rodrigo Lima
Alex Mizurov
Wade Fyfe
Tony Montgomery
Lee Yankou
Dan Redmond
Spencer Hamilton
Manny Santiago
JS Lapierre
Anthony Alcantara
Randy Ploesser
Mike Vince
Ricky Webb
Shawn Hale
Jamal Smith
Derek Fukuhara
Riley Boland
TJ Rogers
Brandon Del Bianco
Hugo Balek
Chad Dickson
Magnus Hanson
John Hanlon
Seb Labbe
Paul Liliani
Nate Lacoste

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